“Words Hurt” Series
With this poster series, I hope to bring awareness to Transgender rights. By partnering with the Human Rights Campaign, I created posters that have a double message. I decided to use hurtful words or insults in a typographic manner. People that identify as trans endure many of these insults daily as they are often ostracized and pushed to the fringes of society. The posters all have different layers to them, this symbolizes the layers that a trans person has, how they desire to be viewed and how others view them. The transparent layer is a play on words that comes out of the word transgender (trans, transparent). The transparent layers constrain the hurtful words and are symbolic of how these individuals try to break away from the labels that society imposes and try to be their “transparent” or authentic selves. Through these posters, I am able to make a statement about the necessity to accept Transgender individuals, that they are also human, and that they deserve to be treated as such. Ultimately, we are all entitled to the same basic human rights.
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