DESIGN IS CHANGE [DECHA] represents a global multidisciplinary research effort of integrated graphic design, devoted to the creation, design, implementation and evaluation of community-based non-profit projects for social change. DECHA supports and trains undergraduate students in research and applied, community-partnered, careers in integrated Graphic Design and Fine Arts. In the year 2000, Prof. Silvia Pease created this project that is now being implemented at Florida International University.

FIU Students participants: Jared A. Miller, Jose Alaya, Carla Avila, Frank J. Alejo, Mark Bermudez, Andrew Bowyer, Jennifer Calderon, Christopher Cepeda, Ariel Canino, Yesenia Capote, Allen Chacon, Stephanie Chock, Fortunee Cohen-Sechter, Ryan Colbert, Victoria Collado, Maria Dominguez, Amy Durant, Stephen Ellis, Matthew Escalera, Kimberly Escobar, Kimberly Espinoza, Paula Halfond, Oscar Fernandez, Djeffane Ferdinand, Randy Fernandez, David Franco Gabriel Hernandez, Jorge Garcia, Patricia Garcia, La-Choy George, David Gil, Maria Gil,  Ashley Gonzalez, Beatriz Gonzalez,Samantha Gonzalez, Javier Granizo, Anna Rosa Guerrero, Byron Gramajo, Jeffrey Grisales, Zachary Hernandez, Samantha Hurtado, Daniela Isaza, Kimberly Joseph, Giovana Labrador, Yekaterina Lobuzoba, Nicole Lopez, Samantha Lopez, Viviana Lopez, Alexander Lozano, David Marte, Emily Otano, Veronica Martinez, Maria Mendez, Sherley Montiel, Jorge Moreno Linares, Jack Muldavin, Ashley Nicoli, Jennifer Nadal, Tt Nguyen, Alejandro Perez, John Sebastian Perez, Ramon Ernesto Perez, Ashley Petit, Crystal Pimentel, Raul Pino, Yelisa Pinto, Monica Platero, Carolina Radas, Michelle Rivas, Crystal Rodriguez, Kristina Rodriguez, Andres Rojas, Jared Roper, Carlos Salazar, Patricia Salazar, Vanessa Salinas, Nathalie Sandin, Alejandra Dos Santos, Daniella Sauberber, Justin Sierra, Andy Silva, Alberto Solares, Erik Soriano, Matthew Sotelo, Carlos Spartacus, Elizabeth Suarez, Angisel Taveras, Tiffany Tejera, Kelly Toruno, Paula Valbuena, Kayla Valdes, Jeisa Valle, Paola Venturini, Valeria Villa, Brendon Wigfall, Ibifaa Young.

Non-Profits Collaborations with: 826LA, The Ablegamers Charity, Active Minds, ADAA, Alzheimer's Association, American Cancer Society, Amigos For Kids, Animal Welfare Society, Anonymous For The Voiceless, Brides For A Cause, Camillus House, The Cat Network, Inc., Child's Play Charity,  Children's Resources, Charity=Water, Claire's Place Foundation, Code/Art Miami, Concerns of Police Survivors, C.O.P.S., Cosmetics For A Cause, Defense for Children, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, Dream in Green, The Dudley Observatory, Environmental Defense Fund, Existe, Fashion Revolution, Federation of Families Miami, The Florida Network of Children's Advocacy Centers, Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Food At First, Friends for Global Change, Free the Block, Fundacion Cuatrogatos, GAIN, Galactic Youth Foundation, Games for Change, Greenpeace, Hands on Miami, Health Foundation of South Florida, HOPE, Hope for Miami, The Humane League, Humane Society of Greater Miami, Human Rights Campaign, Kisengo Foundation, La Llanada con Fe y Alegría, Lighthouse Preservation Foundation, MakeMIA, Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center, Marine Life Loggerhead Center, MBAA, Miami Dade Animal Services, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind, Miami Rescue Mission, The Mindful Culture, Movement, MUVE, National Association of Early Young Children, National Coalition Against Censorship, The Nature Conservancy, NCAC, Neighbors 4 Neighbors, Non-GMO Project, Nonhuman Rights Project, NVEEE, OUT Miami, Our Kids Of Miami-Dade/Monroe, PAXy, PETA, PIAG Museum, Planned Parenthood, PFlag, RAINN, Safari Edventure, Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation, Save The Music, South Florida National Parks Trust, Suited for Success,Take Stock in Children, Temporada Social @ Campamento, This is the Dog!, Take 3, Volunteer Florida, Water Changes Everything, We Are the Loop, Wildlife Conservation Society, Women's Breast & Heart Initiative, Women in Jazz South Florida, The World Literacy Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, Zoo Miami
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